Thursday, December 3 2009

Collapse provisions in First Party Policies

See the attached presentation for a discussion of issues that routinely arise in connection with claims submitted under the standard collapse provision.

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Wednesday, December 2 2009

The concept of "Actual Cash Value"

Confused about ACV valuation in first party property claims? The current state of the law in New York regarding this issue is discussed in detail in a Focus paper prepared by Dennis M. Perlberg, Esq. and Gina M. Fortunato, Esq. for publication by the New York State Bar Association.

Wednesday, December 2 2009

Dennis Perlberg elected to Counsel on Litigation Management

Dennis M. Perlberg, Esq. was elected to be, and is a member of, the Counsel on Litigation Management, in recognition his adherence to the highest ethical standards and integrity in the legal profession.
Wednesday, December 2 2009

Dennis Perlberg speaks at the First Party Claims Conference

On October 27, 2009, Dennis M. Perlberg, Esq. spoke at the First Party Claims Conference Program in Warwick, Rhode Island on the topic of "Commercial Property Forms and Endorsements". A copy of the paper that the firm drafted, and which was distributed at the conference, is annexed hereto.

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